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Do train drivers have the right to blow their horns at different hours in the early morn ?

I live in the city by train tracks and train horns are blowing after midnight. Do they have the right to be blowing their horns after midnight when people are trying to sleep? I thought horns can%26#039;t sound so late in the city.

Do train drivers have the right to blow their horns at different hours in the early morn ?
Locomotive Engineers (not drivers) are required by Federal law to sound a audible warning of two long, one short, and one long blast on the horn approaching grade crossings at all times except where there is a rule 14L exception and even then it is at their discretion.

Its for the public%26#039;s good, and the railroad%26#039;s liability.
Reply:Sounding audible warnings are a requirement by insurance companies for most , if not all railroads.Regardless of the time of day, engineers must sound their horns when approaching level crossings.
Reply:Train engineers do not make the rules. The law requires a warning device be sounded when approaching level crossings, construction areas etc. When you moved to a residence close to a railway surely you expected there would be some noise. Better you lose a bit of sleep than some dude gets killed at a crossing because the train didn%26#039;t%26#039; sound a warning.
Reply:Yes - it%26#039;s a matter of public safety and they are REQUIRED by LAW to blow the horn at every crossing.

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How best to preserve an animal's freshly cut horns?

I just cut off the horns of an animal from its head. I want to know what%26#039;s the best way to preserve them?

How best to preserve an animal%26#039;s freshly cut horns?
If they are still %26quot;in velvet%26quot;(still growing /like deer horns) then put them in a tub of Boraxo and cover them in it. leave them there for about three days to one week then take them out and brush them off and salt the ends where you cut them off...........If they are just regular horns.........no Velvet...........just salt the ends down for now...............about every six months......rub a lite coat of mineral oil on the horns........It allows them to breath so they don%26#039;t deteriorate from the inside out and it also protects the outside of them form the junk in the air that breaks them down over time. if you keep them out of the sun they will last forever !
Reply:I just let mine set for a few days then light coat of urethane


My chevy s10 horns still won't work and The fuses and relay are fine as well as the horn itself?

The horn honks when I lock my car and I switched the relay and the fuse is fine. It just won%26#039;t honk from the steering wheel when I push it. Any suggestions?? Thanks for any help!

My chevy s10 horns still won%26#039;t work and The fuses and relay are fine as well as the horn itself?
i had same...had dealer clean contacts in steering wheel...15 dollars once 25 the other...just shows what a rip off they are.. whatch out if u DIY cause of air bag.
Reply:It sounds as if the horn contacts either in the horn pad itself or somewhere in the column are constantly open. You will have to access the bottom of the column and ground the wire that leads to the relay. If you do this and the horn honks, the problem is higher up in the column. These work through the multifunction switch. You can access this by removing the column covers and looking directly down from the top to see a little spring loaded button to the steering wheel. Ground this to see if the horn honks. If it does, you%26#039;ve got a problem in the horn contacts of the steering wheel. If it doesn%26#039;t honk, you will need a new multifunciton switch.
Reply:Try taking the horn out and testing it directly with a car battery.

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Do car horns have a universal pitch, or are they all different?

Does the standard car horn play a certain musical pitch? If so, what is it? Maybe trucks have a certain standard pitch, cars have different ones, and SUV%26#039;s have different ones? I am going to guess that certain auto makers install standard horns in all of their vehicles. So all hondas would have the same pitch, all fords another, etc?

Do car horns have a universal pitch, or are they all different?
They are all different. I work at a Ford dealership and each car and truck takes a different horn. I drive a Nissan Xterra and my SUV sounds different from a Nissan Pathfinder.
Reply:they are all different, it just depends on the manufacturer.

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How to weather proof decorative steer (cattle) horns?

I bought a pair of steer horns to put on the outside of my jeep. I don%26#039;t have access to a garage and during the day my jeep is directly in the sun. I live in So. Cali so the temperatures goes from 120 degrees in summer to 20 in winter. What can I do to the horns to help keep them weather resistant? Something that will keep them from getting damaged by rain and a whole lot of sun. I was thinking perhaps dipping or coating them in RainEx to help keep them water resistant, but I have no idea for the sun. Maybe I should just Armor All them every once in a while? Will the sun even be a problem? They%26#039;ve been polished and are all pretty and shiny, I was just afraid that they may splinter or crack from drying out in the sun or heat. Any advice thank you.

How to weather proof decorative steer (cattle) horns?
polyurethane, in a sateen finish would be nice, several coats, let dry good inbetween coats.
Reply:you could polyurethane them so they don%26#039;t dry out however the sun is going to be an issue for the color only. the color will fade after time of being in the sun. the best way to protect them would be trying to find something to slip over them or tie on while you are at work so they don%26#039;t fade. good luck and happy holidays=)
Reply:I am a cane maker %26amp; have worked with horn %26amp; a traditional finish should be of the oil or wax variety, but you can use a marine spar varnish.


How did the "horns" while taking the picture come about?

okay so you are taking a picture with your family and friends and before the cameraperson CLICKS...there is someone behind you who raises two fingers behind your head to make them look like horns....supposed to be funny and it IS

how did THIS phenomena come about?

How did the %26quot;horns%26quot; while taking the picture come about?
We call them rabbits ears but its basically the same thing.

Way back in the early history of photography, back when people had metal rods strapped to their backs and clamped to their necks so they could sit still for the 30 minutes required for exposure, there were no bunny ears. In fact, in those portraits, there were no smiles. It was a very severe time, as though everyone had just received terrible news... It is impossible to pinpoint exactly when bunny ears first showed up in photographs behind someone’s head, though it started happening often in the ’50s. And, oh, to know why they did. ... Why a rabbit? Why not a Statue of Liberty crown with all five fingers? Why not a single antenna? Why not devil horns, with the index finger and pinkie?
Reply:The world is full of idiots who like to spoil other peoples%26#039; enjoyment


Why do some antlers and horns curve and others are straight?

Why is it that when the horns/antlers get longer the curve on some animals? What makes them do that?

Why do some antlers and horns curve and others are straight?
As hammer said antlers and horns are different and the shape depends on the species, Horns for stabbing tend to be more slender and pointed as well as straighter. This causes them to flex less when stabbed into something. Horns for butting tend to be stronger and more curved, because they hit with the front edge of the horn.

When animals are younger they do not have the strength or mass for butting. So straighter stabbing and poking horns work better for them for defense. As the animal reaches maturity a stabbing horn may break in a wrestling contest with another male so the horn thickens and curves. Besides it is safer to wrestle then for two bulls to try to impale each other.
Reply:The curvature is due to the growth of bone inside the horn. It grows faster on one side (the outer edge) than the other. The result is the horn curves. Report It

Reply:There is a difference between a horn and an antler. A horn is a bony structure that is made up of mostly keratin. A horn is anchored to the skull and is permanent and will grow according to the species and will grow unchanged unless altered by humans or by being scared from fighting. An antler is a structure that is bony but has no keratin. Grows very fast and grows from the outside in. This covering is a vascular skin called Velvet. This velvet will peel off when the antler reaches it growth limit. When the velvet is lost the antler will harden and die. This dead structure is an antler. A true antler will drop off each year and a new one will replace it. The curving of the two depends on the species of animal.
Reply:Genetics and nutrients. Also human interaction can effect shape. An example of this is the Hereford breed of cattle actually has it%26#039;s horns wieghted to curve down instead of out.

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